Week 7 – “Look the ball all the way into your glove.”

Practice, Practice, Practice

Definition of ‘practice’: “repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it”

What’s that you say? ‘Stay present.’ Are you kidding? Didn’t you feel the earth shake? The sky fall? Don’t I have to do something? Anything?

Yes. Stay present. Stop your mind racing off on tangents which do not concern you.

What do you mean they don’t concern me? What’s going to happen to  our future, our world as we know it?

Stay calm, breathe in, breathe out. Keep it up. Focus on your breathing, notice how the mind calms, the chatter recedes. Now what is in front of you to do?

Do it now.

Well done.

Now what is in front of you to do?

Do it now.

Focus on the doing while you are doing it. ‘Look the ball all the way into your glove,” my grade school coach would say as we learned to play catch.

Practice being present. Let the world take care of itself, you take care of yourself. Keep your opinion to yourself, or better yet, let your opinions wash away like grains of sand in the prospector’s pan, leaving behind the gold  nugget of life’s eternal ‘now.’

And so for years I have avoided the recommendation of going on a News Blackout Diet  and now, here I am, totally uninterested in what anyone has to say about the state of the world.

I shall take to heart this little ‘talking to’ I’ve given myself. If I can manage to avoid those who like to gossip perhaps I can keep from forming required opinions about situations over which I have no control and, as Ram Dass titled his book, Be Here Now. 

“Peace be the journey.” – Mark Januszewski

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Heather C.

Really great blog post! Still working on being present and focused, trying to tame that Monkey Mind of mine and have complete POWER over my thoughts. Not easy, but will be worth it~

Terrence G Neraasen

I’ve has those little chats with myself too Andrew. They do wonders to my perspective regarding the world around me, I’m striving to make it match the world within on my terms as you seem to be doing.


Really enjoyed this. Thanks

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