Week 6 – “I will greet this day with love in my heart.”

Oh, Man, this is great stuff!  How absolutely terrific to have stumbled (been led, created for myself) this wonderful teaching which allows me to express my highest aspirations in the context of my dearest values.  It makes me want to get on a plane to Hawaii and go give Mark J & The Fabulous Davene a big, big bear hug for the having the courage, determination, and willingness to lay themselves out there for us. They are demonstrating to us these values of giving to get and loving it all while we are learning this system of re-wiring our thinking and navigating our way to our dreams by focusing, focusing, focusing.

I am days behind in getting my PPN’s right and my colored shapes pinned to the walls but I am confident and relaxed in knowing it’s all perfect and as long as I don’t go anywhere, my guide and Kauai will be there and there’s a master mind alliance of us all whose members I have only just begun to greet. For me, loving is the highest form of spiritual expression that we can experience so to turn the page this week, to start a new chapter in The Greatest Salesman in the World, and learn that our lesson for the month is to love… And the clouds parted, and great booming voice thundered across the firmament “I love you and don’t you forget it, that makes seven times that I’ve said it, I love you and don’t you forget it, baby.!”

It is great to be part of this group of us as we forge our dreams from the stuff of our thoughts.

Onward!  I will greet this day with love in my heart.

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Wonderful enthusiasm and beautiful sentiments. Someone asked God how much He loved mankind and Jesus stretched out his arms and said “This much.” Rock on, my good man.


I’m with on being a little behind, love your conviction.

Julia Standish

Totally EXCITING!!! Your post in the alliance area sent me here to check out your link and your website. It looks great, and I love the contents. Keep on writing. Looking forward to following your hero’s journey.

    Andrew Millar, Guide

    Thanks, Julia. Love your hand sculpture gravatar!

      Julia Standish

      I made that when I was at the 2016 Kauai Live Event. This was symbolic of “being a lighthouse” to everyone around me. Where we let our light shine on.

Carol Marsocci (@MKCarolMarsocci)

Yes, your enthusiasm is contagious Andrew! Enjoy your journey, Carol


Thank you! I love the picture it is perfect. Still working on aspects of PPNs getting DMP and it’s structure, specifics, and enthusiastic feelings – you will get there just keep moving forward and Celebrate each victory, promise, service. You got this, shine – I love you 🙂

Heather C.

I’m behind on a few things, or at least I feel like I have and have not fully embodied a few of the exercises, but it’s all about baby steps and “peppering subby”!

Terrence G Neraasen

Wow! Enthoosiasm personified Andrew. Wonderful expression of enthusiasm, confidence and love. Relax and enjoy it. As the Law of Relaxation says “mental effort defeats itself”. What a revelation that was to me.

josette millar

I’ve been a witness for years of how your kindness and love is your self-expression. I’ve learned a lot from you on how to be kinder with everyone. And I greet this day and I greet you with love in my heart.


Drew, the ppn is a working progress. I’ve been going back and forth with Terry on mine for weeks now. After reading everything without the ppn statement, it dawn on me that I needed to change my ppn. This is a wonderful journey. I’m glad we’re here together.

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