Week 5 – Kinda’ Tricky

My goal this week has been to withhold my opinion or, even more precisely, to even withhold forming an opinion in my mind.

As I think about sharing with you the inevitable challenges associated with a requirement like this one, I am reminded of the kinds of responses offering opinions often get us, especially when they are unsolicited.

“Keep your opinion to yourself!”

“When I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it!”

“Opinions are like noses (substitute the body part of your choice), everyone’s got one!”

No wonder that we have been commissioned to teach ourselves to refrain from delivering these gems.  My wife, Josette, is joining me in this class and we have had some serious fun this week during our regular conversations as we have ‘assisted’ (I’m being nice here) one another in sticking to the facts

Let’s just say it’s been a challenging week.  I got a little relief because I was in the office a couple of days this week and I was able to give my opinion to patients when they asked for it. (The rules allow you that if you are an expert in the specific field.) I heard Josette doing the same with web design clients.  So we did not have to stay totally on purpose all the time.

It seems to me that this exercise is primarily about learning to be watchful of our  thought process and having the awareness to monitor it as needed.

The other part of this week has been about Emerson’s essay on Giving and Receiving, writing our press release from the future and for me figuring out the spiritual nature of my path forward.  From one perspective I understand that we are all beings of spirit and that everything we do is therefore of a spiritual nature.  Emerson assists us in seeing that the essence of life is giving and receiving, a natural flow. It is when I hold myself back from that flow that I feel the resistance within that then plays out in the outer world.

I hereby commit myself to goin’ with the flow!


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Go with the flow…never really thought about what it meant…but so many meanings. Great post!

Terrence G Neraasen

Andrew it’s an ongoing battle to both refrain from expressing opinions, especially in your private thoughts, and to think positive thoughts. Always a work in progress.


Excellant post, I also have been challenged by not forming an opinion.

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