Week 22A – Silence

This will be a short post to share the utter delight and dreadful boredom I experienced in 2 days of self-imposed silence.

Self-imposed because, really, how could anyone else impose silence on another? But suggested in my Master Key class as a way to take a deep-dive into my awareness of self.

This required me to eschew all activities other than selected readings chosen for their uplifting nature. That meant no email, in fact no computer at all. Certainly no television. Of course no conversation.

I did communicate with my wife maybe three times by writing; the rest of the time we were separate. I even prepared my meals solo (after all, I wasn’t much of a dinner companion).

I was silent from Wednesday at bedtime (can you really count sleep as silent time?) to Saturday upon awakening.  Thursday the weather was good enough for a short hike in the woods. Our new house is not far from the Appalachian Trail so I checked it out for the first time.

So that’s how I did it. Now, what was it like?

The HU-Man Experience

I have meditated from half an hour to an hour every day for over forty years. Oftentimes I am frustrated by not having the time and freedom to spend more time inside so I saw this and experienced it as a vacation!  Absolutely cool. Total freedom to experience my inner consciousness. In fact, my spiritual teacher, John-Roger, named our organization the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.  Who knew that The Master Keys class would be guiding us along a parallel path?

I was able to experience deep, uninterrupted stretches of time exploring the inner reaches of my awareness, experiencing timelessness,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,formlessness,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,carried aloft on soft cotton.  Only after the monkey mind settled down and tired itself out. and certainly not all the time. When I would come out to handle this level and before I would remember the possibility of what awaited me on my return, I experienced several times bone-numbing boredom.

Try it some time. If you want to consciously focus your mind spiritually (really, it’s all spiritual) check out the HU chant with instructions at www.msia.org

Years ago I gave up recreational drugs when told they would eventually deprive me of my innate ability to have the equivalent and even greater experiences without outer stimulation.

Today I am glad I took the challenge.

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Terry Neraasen

For a short one you said much. Thanks for the travelogue. It was enlightening. Not having done an extended sit I found your description helpful. I must endeavor to do so. Do it now is the answer.

    Andrew Millar, Guide

    Glad you liked it; thanks for checking it out.


All these experiences! Who would have guessed? I just thought you slept a lot! Just kidding. I am just so happy that you had this great experience. 🙂

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