Week 2 – Digging In

This second week of study has been a little less hectic as I am beginning to ‘groove in’ the daily responsibilities.  There’s no question this is a demanding course in multiple ways.  For starters there are specific readings at different times of the day and then there is this essay of self-reflection on our process that’s known as the ‘blog.’

As I reflect on my process so far, I am impressed by how accurate my teachers’ predictions have been about what I will notice.  When I finish my required reading I am re-engaged each time with the possibilities of producing the results I have declared that I want for myself in my life.  In fact, one of the great liberating moments so far has been writing out in detail the direction I want my life to take.  ( I realize that is a passive voice; my life will ‘take’ the direction I choose for myself. There!  That’s more like it!  This whole process seems to be about personal accountability and we have been warned to guard against the insidious appearance of the little things like my passive voice.)

In the ’80’s there was a spate of personal growth seminars that enjoyed popularity among those seeking to improve themselves or their circumstances.  EST, known later as The Forum and Landmark, was perhaps the best known.  Some others included Actualizations, Lifespring and Insight.  These were usually multi-day intensive experiences.  In fact, it became known as experiential education and  offered immense value.  This class seems to be an extension of that personal growth process and I expect it to have a deeper and longer-lasting influence on me because of two things. (There I go again with the passive voice. Time to take charge.  Watch this!)  I expect to create a deeper and longer-lasting change in me because of two things.  First, it lasts for six months which is a significant length of time to ‘groove in’ the changes I seek to effect. Second, I am participating with like-minded individuals in a master-mind group, supporting each other unreservedly as we each step forward into our lives.

I fully expect that you will notice through the procession of my weekly blogs that my enthusiasm and certainty for the process of this class and for the process of my life grows exponentially.  I can imagine that my greatest challenge will be to describe  what is essentially an inner process as I experience it.

Stay tuned …pexels-photo-42148