Week 15 – A Closed Fist

Take your hand.

Close it into a fist. List the ways now that you can use it.

Hmm… Sometimes my life feels like this. That I’m pushing too hard, that I go to grasp something and I push it away or knock it over or, worst of all, inflict harm without meaning to.

I’ve been taught that the doors to heaven open inwardly, towards me. That I need to learn to step back and allow life to flow towards me.

“All the great eternal forces act in solemn silence, but it is in our power to place ourselves in harmony with them and thus express a life of comparative peace and happiness.” Haanel, 15-2.

It has been my experience that when I exercise the two great laws of spirit, acceptance and cooperation, I set the stage to experience the harmony of which Haanel writes.

When my fist opens up, my hand can relax. I can let go. I can hold your hand now, open the door for you, be of greater service to you.

I can also let go of that which no longer serves me, creating opportunity for that which does. “Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better,…” Haanel 15-4.

Truth is, we’ve been hearing this wisdom for years.

Fact is, this program is lightin’ a fire under us!



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Terrence G Neraasen

This is brilliant Andrew! I love the fist analogy and how well you express the release of what you no longer need.


Acceptance and cooperation. The two ingredients that make us let go and let God! Thank you for the reminder.

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