Press Release

March 1, 2020 – Salt Lake city, UT

ASEA Global has just announced that Dr. Andrew J. Millar, D.C., has been named an Ambassador Diamond which places him in the top one percent of its distributors worldwide.

We asked Dr. Millar to sit down with us during the company’s national convention in Salt Lake City to share with us how he accomplished this remarkable achievement.

US:  “Dr. Millar, you are at an earnings and management level achieved by the very few.  How have you done it?”

Dr. Millar:  “Please call me Andrew. You know that’s a great question and one that I’m happy to speak about because we can all learn from those who have gone before us. It’s been said that experience is a great teacher and, I would add, that it is even more effective to learn from the experience of others.

In my chiropractic field, I was approached even more than most by MLMer’s selling nutritional supplements. The business model just didn’t seem to align since my focus was not developing a downline but providing supplements as a retailer. Like many of us, I had tried my hand at network marketing over the years without much success such that I had completely shut myself down to any new opportunities. Circumstances shifted for me and finally in my mid-sixties, I decided to semi-retire which meant that I no longer wanted to maintain my own office but offer part-time vacation and illness coverage for others.  It was then that I was approached by a fellow chiropractor with ASEA’s revolutionary redox supplement and network marketing business.  When we were first speaking on the phone, I felt myself becoming intrigued and impressed by the experiences he shared with me of those taking ASEA. During the conversation I asked for divine guidance to indicate whether this was a direction meant for me.  When all signals seemed GO, I agreed to give it a trial.”

US: “And how did that work out?”

“Remember falling in love?  Sometimes it’s hard to bring back the memory of those first weeks and months, of the crazy, exhilarating, supremely positive feelings we experience before we come back down to earth and, if we’re fortunate, begin the more realistic and lasting engagement that produces a mature relationship.  My first months taking ASEA’s redox supplement were like that!  Incredible new-found stamina, deeply refreshing sleep, enhanced crystal clear mental processes, followed later by reduced joint pains, improved balance, significant reduction in nocturnal bathroom trips and improved vision. Now, years later, my daily dose of ASEA assures me of a bedrock foundation of excellent health, improved vision over time, and, compared to my peers, next to none of those geriatric trips to doctors’ offices.“

US: “Well, it sure sounds like you found a product you could believe in but that’s a far cry from becoming a top-flight distributor.  How did that happen?”

Dr. Millar: “I’d like to be able to say it was easy but if it were easy, there would be a lot more folks at my level with the company.  In the beginning, as a doctor specializing in nutrition, I was effective at getting people to try redox for their health reasons. As a healer, business had never held much interest for me and it showed in the slow progression of my ASEA business. I needed to come to grips with that understanding about my personal makeup. Retail customers are great but a multilevel marketing business they do not make.

During this time I was just treading water; like many others I was earning enough to pay for my wife’s and my consumption but not much more. I would go to the company conventions (like this one) and get all fired up hearing about the success of others. I faithfully listened to the daily phone calls to stay plugged in to the product and the company but none of this addressed my deeper anxiety about approaching others with the business opportunity.

And then one day while surfing the net I came across the and my life slowly began to change.

It was not overnight; lasting growth rarely is.  I first began a 3-month course of study with “the world’s laziest networker,” Mark Januszewski, or Mark J as he calls himself and as he calls his wife, The Fabulous Davene. They call it Go90Grow.  We studied Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, treating it as an exercise rather than just a book. Mark J teaches the course for us network marketers through the lens of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. This is the hinge that swings the door of MLM success.  Every one of us is capable of succeeding in his own hero’s journey; Mark J teaches us the secret sauce to use with our prospects. And it works.

We then moved on to a six-month course based on Haanel’s The Master Keys.  The principles presented by both of these authors teach how to create your own reality. If Hill’s book is an outline, then The Master Keys is a detailed instruction book and Mark J is a combination drill instructor and cheer leader. If you enter the world of this teaching, your world will change. You will come to fully realize, to own, that your thoughts create your reality. This concept, this understanding, takes on a spiritual quality that imbues your awareness over time until one day you awaken to your own divinity. It is then that you may fully come to understand that all life is in service to others. For me, this is the hallmark of Mark and Davene’s teaching.

I will say that the most difficult time for me after I received Mark J’s training was getting the seat of the pants off the seat of the chair and getting to work. Davene has an acronym she teaches called GUTS. “Go Use The Skills”. In point of fact that is what distinguishes what they teach. Most MLMer’s are pushed out the door like fledgling birdies before we can fly. They teach us how to fly first (the skills). Different experience; different results.  Even so, it takes effort and courage to get the ball rolling and it took me 3-6 months of concentrated effort to create the momentum required to grow a large team.

By the end of the first year after learning from Mark J, I was earning close to my previous income as a chiropractor and I knew I was on the right track.  I was training my team in many of the skills taught by Mark and Davene and I found that to be the most satisfying aspect of the business.  This is definitely a people business and coaching others to discipline themselves to achieve their heart’s desire was enormously satisfying. And it still is!”

I would like to share an additional benefit from The Master Keys course that is not directly connected to network marketing but has made a significant contribution to my career fulfillment.  You see, in the course, we are asked to dig deep and discover for ourselves our definite main purpose.  In my case, at first, it was to clearly achieve success through ASEA. But, in time, I started to hear this small, still voice that had always wanted to write creatively begin to tug at my awareness. When that also became part of my purpose, my heart began to sing. I enrolled in writers’ workshops and applied myself daily just as assiduously as with my network marketing. I am proud to say that I have now authored a critically acclaimed first novel published in 2018 and I am currently working on my next.  I will say that the work ethic and success in network marketing definitely helps me.

US:  “We congratulate you on your literary accomplishment. Now, back to ASEA, you have over 10,000 distributors from all over the world in your downline, what’s your life like?”

Andrew: “I have to say that it’s a dream come true! Josette and I get to travel the world in support of our far-flung team while also making time to spend with our family and grandchildren. Not to mention the 4-star reward trips that ASEA honors its top earners with by schmoozing with the company brass in Hawaii and the Caribbean. ASEA’s Advancing Life Foundation has been an important part of my success because it gives me an avenue to give back the riches this company has afforded me. The real riches are in the face-to-face experience of hands-on assisting those less fortunate.

“Part of my training from Mark is to always reserve a part of my schedule to personally recruit new distributors and over the years that has been a hallmark of my success.  You see, I always want my team to see that I am not sitting back on my laurels and only managing the leaders directly below me; that I continue to hustle and find new business. It’s leadership by example.

US: “We can’t help but notice that you aren’t exactly a Spring chicken!”

Andrew: “Very perceptive of you. The truth is that it’s time for me to slow down some. I turn 73 this year, I’m in great health, my wife, Josette has become an accomplished artist, and I have fulfilled many of my original goals through ASEA’s excellent compensation plan. I yearn to spend more time writing. So I may step back a bit from the day to day activity, but I doubt if I ever will not be involved.  One of the great aspects of MLM today is that through the development of technology we can stay connected wherever we are.

Oh, and did I mention how wonderful the residual compensation is? That’s why network marketing is such a great choice to improve your retirement position.”

US: “Well, Doc, thanks for your time today. Is there anything else you would like to add?”

Andrew: “Yes, there is.  My advice to all those considering a career in network marketing is to fully vette the product or service and the company you choose.

For me, you can do no better than ASEA. A company is founded on the integrity of those at the top. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that the person at the head of an organization casts a long shadow and there are none better than those at ASEA.  The compensation plan is one of the best. They support us in the field totally and they produce an unparalleled product of uncompromising quality that continues to widen its appeal to the general population for healing and health maintenance.

I strongly encourage you to consider ASEA. My email is if you have any questions.